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dc_fireplace's Journal

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Keeping you warm for the winter since 2009.
D/C Fireplace is a season long celebration of Dean/Castiel. All winter, everyone will have their chance to shower Dean/Castiel with love.

This community runs in the same vein as fall_for_sx, summer_of_spike, and other seasonal communities. Each day, starting from the beginning of winter and running until the end of winter, something specifically made for this annual event will be posted, and the entire community will be dedicated to celebrating it.

If you want to show everyone just how much you love our ship and our little corner of fandom, sign up for your own day and create something to post on that day -- fic, art, icons, vids, poems, anything is welcome.

Sign-Up Period: November 23rd - whenever all days are filled. The sign-up post for the 2009-2010 season is located here.

You must be a member of the community before you sign up. We restrict and grant posting access based on what day you've signed up for, and we won't be able to grant you access until you join the community. :)

Until we get a better feel for how many people will sign up, you may only sign up for one day. If we get into the season and there are still open slots, you may sign up for an additional day after you've posted your first fanwork.

You are free to share a day with someone else, but please let us know the names of everyone contributing on your day so we can grant everyone posting access.

Posting Dates: December 21st, 2009 - March 19th, 2010

The Nitty-Gritty

1. You may post your own, original, complete work when your posting day rolls around. No Works-In-Progress! You may post your chaptered fic in its entirety on your posting day, but don't post something that isn't finished.

2. When your posting date comes, your material must be fresh and new, meaning it hasn't been posted elsewhere before. You may post the material to your own journal and link to it from your post in the comm, as long as it's unlocked and posted specifically for your posting date. You may also cross-post your material to other communities after your posting date has passed.

3. If you have signed up for a day and you think you may not be able to make your post after all, please let a mod know ASAP. If your date comes and goes without any word from you, you will not be able to participate here in the future. Forever. :( And we don't want that, do we?

4. The community is a celebration of Dean/Castiel and thus is Dean/Castiel focused. All fanwork should focus on their relationship. Slash and pre-slash are fine. Gen, friendship, and threesome/moresome material shouldn't be posted here. (Sorry.)

5. Everything needs to be appropriately labeled. This means ratings! MPAA or any other standard rating system is acceptable, so long as your rating is clear. If your art isn't work safe, please say so! If your post contains material that may be disturbing to readers, warn for it!

6. Graphics and fics longer than a drabble should be placed behind an lj-cut. You may use preview images, but keep the size reasonable - don't go breaking anyone's layout, for real.

7. Label your post in the subject line with whatever it is (fic, art, icons, etc.) so the mods can easily tag the post and add it to the memory archive.

8. Use common sense. Read the rules if you have a question. If you still don't have your answer, give vichan a shout.


Feel free to help us get the word out! The more people we have participating, the more fun this will be. :)

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