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Mod Day #1: Drabble(ish) Tree!

Welcome to the first day of dc_fireplace! The fire's roaring, and we're officially ready for more... wood. *sporfles* (I'm sorry. My mind instantly goes to dirty places at that, and will probably continue doing so.)

Our first activity of the day requires some group participation, because we're going to be doing a Drabble(ish) Tree!

A drabble tree is a collection of drabbles. We start with one drabble (the trunk), and other drabbles are spawned off of that one (the branches). In other words, you take one phrase from one of the existing drabbles, and write an entirely new drabble around it. It's not a round robin, and the drabbles don't have to be linked by the same story. Sometimes the same phrase can give you completely different tales.

Yes, you can answer any drabble, yes, you can take the phrase from anywhere within the drabble, and yes, you can answer a drabble that's already been answered!

Because we want this to be relaxed and fun, we're calling these "drabble(ish)" because we're not going to be strict about following the traditional drabble format, which is exactly 100 words. The only restriction we'll make is to keep your drabble(ish) to the length of a comment. Fics that take up two comments break up the tree structure, which will make Dean and Cas sad.

Ask away if you've got any questions.

The trunk is below, along with a first branch!

"Sorry, Cas!" Sam sounded only moderately apologetic. "I was trying to hit Dean."

"Oh, really?" Dean hurled another snowball, only to see it smack into a tree Sam had just darted behind. "Dude, you know I always win these!"

Castiel wiped the remaining melting ice off of his cheek with a sigh. He glanced up to the top of the tree and flicked his hand with a casual grace. The branches seemed to shudder, and a mountain of snow tumbled down on top of Sam's head.

Dean lost it, and Sam sputtered. "No angel powers allowed, and definitely no tag-teaming!"

Tags: 2009-2010, type: drabble tree

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